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HB 1143 passed the House on March 7, 2023. The bill now heads to the senate where it will go through committee hearings, public testimony and ultimately a floor vote before it is passed and sent to the governor's desk. Please send an email to your senator asking for a NO vote on HB 1143


This is a bill that would require you to seek government’s permission (via a license) BEFORE you can exercise a Constitutional Right.  If you removed “purchase a gun” from this bill and substituted “vote” or “go to church” you would see the absurdity of requiring Government’s permission to exercise a right.  While those who support this bill often times liken this to a driver’s license, remember that a license is a privilege that the State is not required to bestow upon you.  A right is something that the government is forbidden to take from you.  This bill will essentially require you to get the State’s permission BEFORE you can exercise a right.  It is unconstitutional on its face and will be struck down if enacted into law.  However, these legal efforts will cost the Washington taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Please help us stop this bill now by sending an email to your representatives asking them to vote NO on HB 1143


Your rights are under attack! Please support the work we are doing to fight for your freedom by making a donation today! GiveSendGo - Support Conservative Ladies of Washington: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site.



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