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Texas COS Friends,
Congratulations Texas Team! On May 4th, we celebrate the one-year anniversary of passing the Convention of States resolution. THANK YOU! We achieved one milestone on our way to calling the first-ever amendments convention that will limit federal spending, limit federal power and set term limits for federal officials, such as judges. Patriots in 28 other states are working just as hard to make history!

You are joining with 150,000+ Convention of States Texas supporters to grow our legend and continue to educate and promote Article V and the Convention of States. In just four short years, we have already made a lasting impact in Texas and we are just getting started.

Our goal is to grow the Texas grassroots to 1 million citizens strong. Here's how you can help:

  • Contact your state representative and state senator and let them know you are a COS volunteer/supporter. If he/she voted "YES" on SJR2 last session then thank them,
  • Find speaking opportunities for our team,
  • Engage locally as "Guardians of Liberty", with your party, school board, city council, church group, or liberty movement.
  • Sign up to participate at a COS convention booth.

Our experience taught us, as well as many Texas legislators NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the power of a grassroots army. These next steps will serve to grow our army and inspire others. Texans have never backed away from a challenge.

Texas Leads!

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