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Time is Short - We Have a Choice
Two Easters ago, we had over 230 George Soros funded radical leftist groups come out publicly against Convention of States. They joined forces with a few small radical groups on the right to stop our movement to restore proper Constitutional boundaries on the Federal Government. This strange union of fringe elements on either side of the aisle share the same talking points and spread fear - that is all they have.

We have a choice. We can stand with courage like our founders or sit idly by and let these fringe elements have their way--to maintain the status quo in Washington.

These united groups are active in Raleigh right now, trying to stop the Convention of States Resolution HJR 390. They are having people from outside of North Carolina bombard YOUR state legislators with lies and misinformation.

Our country was founded on men and women who acted with courage and conviction. This was not just for themselves; however, it was for future generations, for you and me. 

We have a choice. If we believe that our nation is facing a crushing debt, that federal programs like common core have no business in our schools, that judges shouldn't be making laws, and that our elected officials and unelected bureaucrats have no business living like kings/queens of the backs of everyday hardworking citizens then WE (each one of us) need to act. Failure to act will ensure these radical elements will continue their "transformation" of America.

Your state representative has the power to stop this insanity in DC. We need you to act NOW! Contact your representative utilizing our free lookup tool on the right. A sample message is provided, after you insert your information, based on whether your representative is a supporter, opposed, or has not provided his/her position on the Convention of States Resolution.
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