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Kansas Fails to Join Convention of States - Tell Your Rep What You Think About It

HCR 5027, Convention of States, was debated on Tuesday, March 8, passing to final action 78-42. In final action, a group of Republicans joined with the majority of Democrats to prevent the needed 84 votes for final approval. 

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As a reminder, a Convention of States is prescribed in Article V of the U.S. Constitution as a way of bypassing Congress to propose reforms in the way of amendments to the U.S. Constitution. HCR 5027 was limited to amendments that would reduce the time in office, power, and money of politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.  Eighteen other states have already joined in the effort, including surrounding states of Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Nebraska. It currently requires a super-majority of 84 for passage in Kansas, and despite a clear majority of Kansas wanting this, the legislature has been stalled on getting the necessary votes for passage. 

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