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Restore Social Security Earnings Statements
Wondering how much you've contributed to Social Security, or missing that annual statement of earnings you used to get in the mail? Bipartisan federal legislation — The "Know Your Social Security Act" — is here to help.

Social Security earnings statements are essential to most American workers because verifying your recorded earnings and calculating your retirement date are two critical financial decisions all wage-earners need to make. Yet without public comment or input from Congress, the Social Security Administration stopped mailing earnings statements to most Americans and made them only available online for workers under the age of 60 — even though the agency is required by law to provide them to all workers.

If the Know Your Social Security Act becomes law, however, all Americans who don't access their earnings statements online will get them in the mail again. 

All evidence indicates that right now, the vast majority of Americans simply do not receive these earnings statements at all – online or otherwise. Compared to 2010 when 155 million Social Security Statements were mailed to U.S. wage earners, an Inspector General report shows that just 31 million Americans received a statement in 2018 – either online or by mail. In other words, well over 124 million wage earners are missing this essential foundation to their retirement security.

Help millions of Americans plan for retirement (and hold the government accountable) by asking your member of Congress to support the Know Your Social Security Act.
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