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  • NCUA has not justified the need for the rule adequately;
  • NCUA would assume additional authority to impose even higher capital requirements on individual credit unions that could exceed even well-capitalized level requirements;
  • NCUA would require covered credit unions to subtract good will from net worth when calculating their risk based capital requirements (note: this is consistent with Basel III);
  • NCUA would also require the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund 1% deposit to be ignored in the risk-based capital calculation;
  • More credit unions than NCUA has indicated would be impacted as their net worth would fall to just barely over well-capitalized or adequately capitalized levels;
  • More time is needed for the rule to be phased in;
  • A number of the risk weightings, especially for member business loan and mortgage concentrations as well as for CUSO investments, do not appear to be properly calibrated for credit unions. Using higher risk weights on long-term assets to deal with interest-rate risk is misleading without considering liability maturities.
More detailed information about the proposal can be found here.   CUNA has prepared an "Inside Exchange" video on how to write effective comment letters, which can be seen here.  
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