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Tell Your Senators to Support Women and Girls' Sports!
Women fought for decades for women and girls to have the same sports opportunities as men. But now radical gender ideologues are trying to strip women and girls out of these very opportunities by forcing them to compete against biological men. It is a scientific fact that men simply have a biological advantage over women in many physical characteristics. Males have higher bone density and content, a larger skeletal structure, larger hearts, greater lung capacity, and greater fast-twitch muscle fiber for explosive power.

Please take action TODAY and tweet, email, or call your Senator through our Action Center HERE and urge them to cosponsor the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act.

We are already seeing trophies being stripped away from women by men all across the country. Take Riley Gaines, for example. Riley trained her entire life to have opportunities in her sport, swimming. She missed family traditions, fun vacations, and high school dances all for the sake of becoming the best in her sport. Her life-long hard work payed off. She went on to become a 12 time All-American swimmer, and she achieved 5 SEC titles as a female swimmer at the University of Kentucky. Riley was looking to stand on the podium again at the 2022 NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship until Lia Thomas, a biological male and swimmer for the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), lined up next to her to swim in her event. Lia Thomas stole titles from many women that day. When he tied with Riley, NCAA officials insisted that Lia would receive the take-home trophy and Riley would get hers in the mail.

Unsuprisingly, this was not the only traumatic story that came out of the 2022 NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship. Paula Scanlan, Lia Thomas’ teammate, recently shared about her experiences on UPenn’s swim team. The University suppressed any opportunity for the girls to share their concerns about bringing a biological male into their dressing rooms or their swim practice. The University devolved to threatening the girls and using scare tactics to keep the girls quiet and to squelch any dissent.

Concerned Women for America’s own Young Women for America Ambassador, Macy Petty, was forced to play against a man identifying as a woman at a volleyball tournament where college recruiters were present. Men’s volleyball nets are seven inches taller than the nets with which women play. Unfortunately, Macy and her team had the ball slammed in their faces multiple times by the male playing on the other team. A recruiter’s job is to recruit athletes who will bring a school titles and money, and a male who is identifying as a female will be able to hit the mark more than a woman due to his biological advantage. 

Stories like these have become all too common and will continue to increase unless women’s sports are protected.

Please take action TODAY and tweet, email, or call your Senator through our Action Center HERE and urge them to cosponsor the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act. 

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