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What YOU can do to Reject Infanticide!
Help us fight infanticide and the reckless crusade to expand late-term abortion!   

The U.S. Senate is poised to vote Monday, February 25, 2019, on the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.  This crucial legislation would shield a newborn who survives an attempted abortion from being denied the right to live.  Doctors would be required to provide the same medical care to a newborn survivor of abortion that would be offered to any other baby at the same gestational age.

Unfortunately (and unbelievably!), infants born alive are not guaranteed these protections under federal law, giving abortion doctors the green light to turn their backs on a helpless baby after a botched abortion.  Such negligence is nothing less than enabling infanticide. Some states are actually pushing for this, as we have seen in recent developments in New York and Virginia.

We need you to act today!  And we need your help. Too many Senators seem to be blinded by their entanglement with the big abortion lobby.  It is a fact that they are not listening to their constituents since even most "pro-choice" Americans reject late-term abortion.  These senators are doing everything they can to obstruct a vote.  They need to hear from you! And even if your Senators are strong on the life issue, they still need to hear from you at this crucial moment in the fight, so they know you are standing with them. 

First, write to your senators today by using the form on the right.

Second, U.S. Senators are home this week (February 19-22), and a vote is expected when they return (February 25).  We are asking you to visit the district offices nearest you THIS WEEK and tell your two Senators to reject infanticide and vote for the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.  

Third, please call our Senators' district offices.  Time is short so please make this a priority! Your voice can really make a difference at this important moment in history. Stand up and be counted, do not stay silent.

Saving a newborn baby fighting for life should not be a partisan issue.  Do not let radicals pro-abortion extremists or the media confuse you.  Here’s the truth: federal law does not protect a survivor of abortion.  At least one-third of states, including New York, have extreme abortion laws that do not require a doctor to provide life-saving health care to a baby that has already been born as the result of a botched abortion.  This is infanticide!  You probably heard Virginia Governor Ralph Northam publicly endorsed this barbaric practice when he defended a radical abortion proposal that would make abortion legal at any time in pregnancy, including while giving birth! Watch for yourself:

Please take action today! And pray that the U.S. Senate will vote to pass the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act and save these little ones.  
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