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Oppose the SAFE Banking Act
Currently, there are thousands of people, including teens, with cases of severe respiratory illnesses around the nation connected to vaping. Mothers like you and me are seeing our healthy teenagers lying in a hospital bed on a ventilator because of vaping. Unfortunately, ten deaths have already been linked to vaping. 
Partially driven by the increase in vaping marijuana and concentrated THC oil (the ingredient in marijuana that produces a high), in late August, the Surgeon General issued the first Surgeon General’s Advisory on marijuana since 1982. The Surgeon General pointed out that, “today’s high potency marijuana is fundamentally different from anything that existed before” and warned young people and pregnant women to abstain from marijuana use. The FDA also issued an advisory urging the public to abstain from using these products as the vaping crisis escalates. 
Despite ten deaths from vaping that contained high potency marijuana AND the Surgeon General’s warning, the House and Senate are moving on a bill that would promote the growth of the marijuana industry by giving it access to the U.S. banking and financial system. The House passed this bill and it now sits with the Senate. 
Even though states like Colorado have voted to “legalize” marijuana on the state level, marijuana is still illegal under federal law. Banks currently cannot participate in marijuana-related activity as that would constitute money laundering. The so-called SAFE Banking Act (SAFE Act, H.R. 1595/ S. 1200) allows banks to participate in financing the marijuana industry through business loans and business investment, and by facilitating credit card transactions. This would amount to government-approved money laundering. The SAFE Act allows the marijuana industry to access the U.S. financial system with no accountability or safeguards for teens even in light of the current vaping epidemic and the Surgeon General’s warning against marijuana use.
Please contact your senators today!
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