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Ask your officials to cosponsor the Equal Campus Access Act

Many faith-based clubs across the country are facing discrimination at public universities, especially when it comes to their right to select club leadership that adheres to their faith or mission.

Religious clubs, of all faiths, are entitled to the same rights and privileges of any club on a public college campus. However, some clubs who choose leaders based on their club’s core values had official club status revoked—meaning they no longer have access to funds and resources available to all university clubs

The Equal Campus Access Act is a one sentence solution ensuring public college students and faith-based clubs retain their First Amendment rights.

Young Women for America, Concerned Women for America’s college arm, has chapters across the country at risk of the discrimination faced by similar groups on college campuses.

Erosion of First Amendment rights hurts everyone. We wouldn’t ask College Democrats to allow Republicans to lead their club. Religious clubs of all faiths should have the same liberty.

This is not new policy. It is an extension of the Equal Access Act passed in 1984, upheld by the Supreme Court in an 8-1 decision in Mergens v. Board of Education.

Clubs are a safe place for students with a common mission,whether that be around their religion, interests, or another facet of life. It is common sense they have the liberty to select leadership that reflects their collective mission and values.

Ask your senators to cosponsor and pass the Equal Campus Access Act. 

*This bill only applies to public universities and colleges*
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