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Keep Kids First Rule
The Trump Administration has issued a new proposed rule reversing an Obama-era regulation imposed just days before President Trump was inaugurated. This Obama “nondiscrimination” mandate jeopardized the status of faith-based adoption and foster care providers who desired to work with adoptive and foster families who shared their beliefs. This rule was a direct assault on people of faith who believe that children belong in homes with a mother and a father. The Trump Administration has clarified that discrimination laws enacted by Congress, such as the Civil Rights Act, the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, apply to adoption and foster care providers.
President Obama added categories to HHS nondiscrimination laws that require grant recipients to accept unorthodox, ideological views on gender and sexuality. The result has become government discrimination against faith-based providers used as a weapon for lawsuits and disqualifying them from serving families and children. The Administration’s effort to restore religious freedom and enable all child welfare providers to be included equitably is especially important as the need for loving families is on the rise. 
This Obama-era regulation pushed out faith-based providers who provide invaluable services to children who are awaiting and seeking their forever homes. In South Carolina, Miracle Hill Ministries, a Christian adoption provider who placed 15% of foster and adopted children in South Carolina, was prevented from placing children in Christian homes. In January, the Trump Administration provided Miracle Hill with a waiver based on protections in the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. However, the Obama regulation still threatens other faith-based providers in other states. President Trump has promised this will happen no more.
The Trump Administration needs your help making sure this new regulation can guarantee the religious freedom of all providers and end government discrimination against them. The Obama Administration enacted this rule through a less than transparent regulatory process, but President Trump wants to go through the proper channels, giving the community at large a chance be heard. Your positive comment supporting this new rule by the deadline, December 19, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. is essential!
Below is a suggested comment to use. We encourage you to customize it as you are able. If you have adopted or fostered a child through a faith-based provider, or know someone who has, share what it means to work with a provider that shares your faith!  Share why all families should have the chance to choose the kind of provider with which they will work. Keep in mind, anything you submit as a comment will be part of the public record, so share as much as you are comfortable sharing, but be cautious when sharing names or dates. You are able to remain anonymous if you wish. On our form, just type in “anonymous” in the space for first and last name. 
Tell President Trump that you support religious freedom for all and submit your comment today!
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