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Congress Must Help America Now
America is in an unprecedented time. Please join us in using your voice to lift the nation.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is right. It’s time for the drama to end. The American people are pulling together in the midst of this pandemic, and it’s time for Congress to do the same.

The Senate is debating the third COVID-19 response bill, the CARES Act. Now is the time, more than ever, that we need to come together for the good of the nation and the American people. 

Instead, Senate Democrats are choosing to leverage this crisis to push their political agenda like funding Planned Parenthood and passing their Green New Deal. Now is the time to reject the left’s wish list and act decisively on behalf of all Americans.

We are issuing a call to reject partisanship and do what’s right for the American people.   

You can make the difference today. Contact your Senators, share why this is important to you, and ask them to keep the focus only on measures that are critical to responding to this virus. Ask them to follow Leader McConnell's example and come together in a strong bipartisan effort to fight the invisible enemy plaguing our citizens, our economy, and the world. 

Join us in praying for our leaders to have God’s wisdom to act appropriately. Let us show the best of America. When faced with a crisis, we stand united.

P.S. Today the Vice President asked Penny personally to encourage you to practice the "15 Days to Slow the Spread" guidelines from the President and the CDC. Let’s all do our part. God Bless You!
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