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U.S. Senate is Voting!  Ask your Senators to Confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court! 

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is supremely qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. She has distinguished herself as a fair and impartial jurist at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals where she has served since 2017. 
  • She has the highest academic credentials, graduating summa cum laude from Notre Dame Law School where she was the Executive Editor of the Notre Dame Law Review.
  • She clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia. Like Scalia, she is a constitutionalist with a robust judicial philosophy. She has said, “If the judge is willing not to apply the law but to decide cases..in accordance with personal preference rather than the law, then she’s not actually functioning as a judge at all. She’s functioning as a policymaker.”
  • Before serving as a judge, she served in private practice for many years and then became a Law Professor at Notre Dame.
  •  She is admired by legal scholars from both sides of the aisle. Liberal Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldman say that  though he disagrees with her in almost everything, she deserves to be on the Supreme Court.
  • Judge Barrett is a woman of faith.  She is the mother of seven school-aged children, two adopted, one with Down syndrome.  
  • At 48, she would be the first conservative women on the bench and she would also be the youngest.
  • Judge Barrett’s respect for the law and the Constitution is honorable. “My interest is in contributing to our tradition of judges upholding the rule of law,” she said.
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