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H.R. 1 /S. 1=The Corrupt Politicians Act
The Corrupt Politicians Act would compromise our elections — it must be stopped. 

H.R. 1/S.1, the so-called “For the People Act”, is a federal power grab over our elections that will shatter Americans' confidence in election integrity.  The bill passed the Democrat-controlled House on a near party-line vote and now moves to the Senate.  Ask your U.S. Senators to oppose H.R. 1/S. 1 the Corrupt Politicians Act today!    

Some of the most grievous provisions of this bill:  

  • It seeks to make pandemic emergency measures that were exploited in the 2020 election permanent.
  • It seeks to federalize our elections, taking authority away from state legislatures.
  • It forces federal taxpayers to match 6 to 1 the donations of small contributors to political campaigns (regardless of your views) calling it a “government match”.
  • It enables the IRS and the Federal Election Commission to operate under political, partisan control.

Email or call your U.S. Senators using the sample message provided.  

For more information on H.R. 1, click HERE. 

Thank you! 


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