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Protect Vulnerable Children from Medical Harm
Transgender medical treatment on children is a growing industry.  It is nothing short of child abuse.  

The drive to normalize medical treatment and surgery for children facing cultural pressure, school curriculum, and confusion to affirm “gender identity” is out of control.  The UK has banned the use of puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and transition surgeries for minors under 16 years of age.  Ethical medical practitioners understand that the vast majority of youth facing gender dysphoria (80-90%) end up aligning with their bodily sex when allowed the time to mature and appropriate psychological care.  

Lawmakers must recognize that a greedy and negligent medical and pharmaceutical community is acting against the health and well-being of children.  Parents are told to affirm a child's gender perceptions and are counseled to begin off-label use puberty blockers to “buy time.” This only arrests normal body and brain development.  Cross-sex hormones requiring life-long dependence soon follow, as young as age 9 years old.  By then, children are socialized and celebrated to be the “opposite sex” unable to understand that they never can truly become the opposite sex and the irreversible damage being inflicted on their bodies.  Minors are incapable of giving informed consent to the higher risks of cancer, heart disease and suicide, in addition to loss of normal sexual function and sterilization resulting from transgender treatment. 

The rapid rise of medical gender experimentation on children is being fueled by a progressive culture determined to deconstruct the truth about our creation and reject the unity of our minds and bodies in forming identity.  Gender affirmation is an ideology that embraces transgenderism as normal, despite evidence of permanent harm to bodies and minds.    

In truth, it has become nothing short of child abuse. For this to be stopped, the outcry must grow. Some in Congress are leading the way. 

Please contact your members of Congress urging them to support legislation protecting children from the harm and deception of medical gender experimentation and to stop federal taxpayer funding of these practices.  

The attached sample message can be edited to add your views on this subject.  Click here to learn more.  Thank you!  

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