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Save Hyde in the Senate
Contact your U.S. Senators today and tell them to restore the Hyde Amendment in the federal budget! 

For the last four decades, Congress has agreed to protect both the sanctity of human life and our cherished conscience rights through inclusion of the Hyde Amendment in the federal budget. This life-saving provision prohibits your federal taxes from funding elective abortion through Medicaid, Medicare disability, and other programs. Since Hyde's inception in 1976, additional amendments have been included to apply similar pro-life safeguards throughout the federal government. 

This year, pro-abortion Democrats are determined to break a long-standing precedent that has protected federal taxpayers from financing the destruction of innocent human life.    

Fiscal Year 2022 spending bills passed in the House were stripped of Hyde and related provisions and are now moving to the Senate for consideration. The House Majority's decision to upend 45 years of bipartisan consensus cannot stand. Our leaders were elected to represent their constituents, not the abortion lobby. Senators must stop the political games and recognize that repealing Hyde is a poison pill to the entire appropriations process. We need your Senators to reaffirm the time-honored values Americans share. 

Please call, email, or tweet your Senators today and urge them to take a courageous stand for life by restoring the Hyde Amendment in the federal budget. 

Thank you! 


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