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Tell your Representative to Vote NO on the Global Respect Act!
The U.S. House of Representatives will vote this morning on H.R. 3485, the so-called Global Respect Act, a duplicative and overly broad bill that could give the U.S. State Department the authority to blacklist and bar U.S. entry of any foreigner who holds legitimate views against homosexuality or gender identity ideology. 

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) recognizes the inherent dignity and value of all persons before God and condemns the unjust imprisonment, abduction, or acts of violence towards any human, regardless of their identity. H.R. 3485 claims to target foreign individuals responsible for these violations of internationally recognized human rights, yet current U.S. law already places robust penalties on those engaging in such abuses. 

In reality, the Global Respect Act gives the U.S. government the greenlight to impose a radical agenda on foreign governments and their citizens, undermining freedom of conscience and denying nations the power and independence to govern themselves. In doing so, it also weakens our own commitment to the First Amendment principles that guard our freedoms.

Please email, call, and tweet your representative and urge him or her to oppose this weapon of intimidation to persecute those holding differing views on biological sex, marriage, and the family. 

Make no mistake. The Global Respect Act sets a dangerous precedent in denying foreign persons the right to express Biblically foundational truths and could be used as a pretext to impose similar penalties on American citizens. Anything less than total affirmation and accommodation of same-sex marriage, medical gender transition therapies for minors, biological men competing in women’s sports, and more could be wrongfully labeled as a flagrant violation of a person’s right to life, liberty, or security. 

Contact your Representative TODAY and urge him or her to reject this threat to democratic processes and fundamental freedoms. 

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