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Stand With Us Against Tax Hikes

Democratic legislators introduced a stunning $2.9 billion tax hike per year to pay for the recommendations of their Kirwan Tax Hike Commission by expanding the sales tax. Stand with us now to send a message to the legislature - absolutely no tax hikes!

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Members of the General Assembly,

Just days ago, you proposed a $2.9 billion tax hike – the largest in state history – to pay for the recommendations of the Kirwan Tax Hike Commission. We Marylanders are already overtaxed. This one tax increase you proposed would destroy everything Governor Hogan has built over the last five years, reversing all job creation and economic growth we've already achieved.

We cannot and will not stand for any more tax increases. Instead, we strongly urge you to work with Governor Hogan to pass his much needed tax relief package to help Maryland families, small businesses, and retirees all across our state.
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