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Voice Your Concerns on Raising the Minimum Wage

Timing is everything. The focus should be on economic recovery, not making it harder for our small business community, especially for industries who have been most impacted by the shutdowns and restrictions.

We believe now is not the time to increase the wage. Rather, now is the time to focus on economic recovery and save small businesses that are already struggling from the ongoing impact of COVID. A minimum wage increase amongst other proposals to increase the cost of doing business, if passed, will further decimate an already fragile economy.

Oftentimes not discussed when speaking about minimum wage is the cost of healthcare. Hawaii is the only state with a prepaid healthcare mandate for employees that work 20 hours or more. This costs on average $6,000 per employee annually, adding a minimum of $3 per hour to each employee’s hourly wage. The cost is continuing to rise, while the percentage that an employee contributes remains the same. Healthcare costs are often overlooked as an employee benefit when talking about the costs of doing business. 

Additionally, an increase in wages is tied to increased costs for other mandates, such as workers’ compensation, temporary disability, unemployment insurance, payroll taxes and other voluntary benefit programs. Add this up and we are talking about more than $17 per hour.

ACTION: We urgently need your voices to get to your legislators. Even if this bill doesn’t affect your company, it hurts our economic recovery and future.  Take action today by sending them a message using the "Compose Your Message" section on the side (a template has been provided but feel free to include your own story).  All you need to do is fill out your information  and home address, then click SEND MESSAGE.

Your Voice, Our Future!

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