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Despite demand for computer science professionals and that this field is foundational now for every job, the country's K-12 education system continues to marginalize computer science education. We ask you to help bring computer science to our schools by supporting key policy reforms to expand K-12 computer science education. With the policies below, we can support putting students on a path to fill high-demand, high-skilled, high-paying computing jobs across all sectors of our economy.

Create a state plan for K-12 computer science.

Define computer science and establish rigorous K-12 computer science academic standards.

Fund computer science professional development and support course development.

Implement a clear certification pathway for computer science teachers.

Incentivize higher education institutions to offer computer science to pre-service teachers.

Establish dedicated computer science positions in state and local education agencies.

Require that all high schools offer computer science with an appropriate implementation timeline and financial resources.

Allow computer science to satisfy a core graduation requirement.

Clearly define computer science education in federal policy and programs.

Leverage federal policies that influence teacher preparation programs at colleges and universities to grow a computer science teaching workforce.

Adequately support computer science education by devoting a portion of STEM funding available from 13 federal agencies.
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