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Will you pledge to advocate for a 100% clean energy economy?
7/19/2019 - 12/31/2020

This June, Pope Francis declared that the world is in a “climate emergency.” Scientists estimate that our annual carbon pollution is on track to stay the same, or increase, by 2030. If that happens, the worst effects of climate change may be inevitable. 

As people of faith, we have a duty to care for God’s creation and reverse the cause of climate change. 

Will you pledge to advocate for a 100% clean energy economy?  

Our elected officials need to hear how our communities are suffering the impacts of climate change and that we’re urging them to take bold action toward a more sustainable future. 

Take the pledge now to receive our “100% clean energy economy” toolkit to help you advocate to your Members of Congress. 

The insatiable energy demands of our economy are tearing apart the web of life. Take the clean energy economy pledge today and help us build a world sustainable future for everyone. 

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