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Tell the World Bank to End Support for Fossil Fuels

As people of faith, we have a duty to care for God's creation, especially in an era of climate crisis. Pope Francis has been clear that one of the major ways we must care for creation is to replace technology based on the use of highly polluting fossil fuels without delay (cf. LS 165).

That's why a coalition of US-based faith organizations is launching a new campaign in support of Big Shift, a global effort calling on the World Bank to end all support for fossil fuels and shift investment to renewable energy access. The World Bank continues to subsidize fossil fuels, which fans the flames of the ongoing climate emergency, despite scientific evidence showing the impact of continued investment and usage of such fuels.

We need your help! Tell World Bank President David Malpass that the time is now to end support for fossil fuels and invest in clean energy. Sign the petition today. 

Petition Text

Dear President David Malpass,

As people of faith and conscience from diverse traditions in different countries, we lament the devastating impacts of COVID-19 which are occurring at the same time as communities are experiencing the far reaching implications of the changing climate - from huge wildfires to extreme droughts and flooding.  No one is immune to COVID-19, which is leaving a trail of death and illness, overburdening and overwhelming health care systems and workers around the world.   It is leaving untold economic damage in its wake that will have repercussions for years to come.  

Both climate change and COVID-19 fall hardest on the poorest and most vulnerable communities and nations who are at greatest risk because of pre-existing health, gender, racial, ethnic and economic inequities.  Additionally, 840 million people still live without having access to the energy needed to improve their economic and developmental outcomes and respond to COVID-19. 

They are threat multipliers that stress fragile systems which, if broken, will leave millions if not billions of people without water, food, and health care. Your speedy response to the coronavirus pandemic is appreciated:  We affirm your call to governments to integrate climate resilience into their approaches to promote long term, sustainable, green economy solutions. 

Nonetheless, the scale of these national adjustments will not achieve the ambitious, scaled up solutions needed to meet the magnitude of our climate crisis in alignment with the Paris Agreement.  We know that the World Bank has the capacity to provide leadership and increase ambition. 

We call on the World Bank to immediately end all support for fossil fuels and shift investment to renewable energy access for all, and

  • Phase out lending for all fossil fuels after 2020, including coal and natural gas 
  • Develop a clear strategy to improve access to energy through small scale renewable energy sources

This call is in line with World Bank commitments to support the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global temperature rise to less than 1.5C and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal seven (SDG7) to provide sustainable energy access for all by 2030.

Shifting the Bank’s energy portfolio would demonstrate the moral leadership urgently needed during these difficult times.  Doing so represents good environmental and financial stewardship which will send a clear signal to other governments, finance institutions and markets.

We look forward to your prompt action to demonstrate the Bank’s leadership in this critical area.

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