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Help restore paper Social Security earnings statements
The Social Security Administration’s (SSA) annual statement serves as one of the most important financial planning tools that most Americans will ever use, yet the SSA has stopped sending paper statements to most workers.

Currently, only workers who are age 60 and older, who have not set up an online my Social Security account, receive statements by mail. Younger workers can access their statements online, but most people don't take the time to set up an SSA account to view their statements. A report released in February 2019 by the Social Security Administration’s Inspector General highlights a tremendous decline in overall access since the primarily online-only policy took place.

The bipartisan Know Your Social Security Act (HR 5306 in the House and S 2989 in the Senate) would reinstate the mailing of the annual statements to all workers age 25 and older until they choose to establish an online my Social Security account.

Social Security's annual mailed statements include information such as how much you have earned in a given year, your contributions to Social Security and Medicare, and an estimate of your Social Security monthly benefit at full retirement age. Reviewing your annual statement not only helps you plan for retirement, but also gives you a chance to correct errors that could hurt your benefits calculation.

Please contact your legislator today and urge them to support the bipartisan Know Your Social Security Act (HR 5306 and S 2989).
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