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Expand consumer access to electric vehicles in California

California Assembly Bill 326 creates a legal framework for “electric vehicle memberships” that provides consumers with easy access to electric vehicles (EVs) without financing or long-term commitments. This brings much needed clarity to California's existing legal framework for EV manufacturers wanting to extend membership offerings to Californians as an alternative to renting or leasing.

AB 326 will provide easy access to EVs without hefty downpayments, proof of good credit, and expensive (and often predatory) financing or long-term loans.

Why AB 326 is good for California:

  • AB 326 helps get more Californians into electric vehicles, helping the state achieve its emissions goals.
  • AB 326 will help expand access to EVs, especially at a time when the EV tax credits will be expiring. This bill will not add costs to the state.
  • AB 326 will allow more Californians to drive EVs without long-term financial commitments or high-interest predatory loans.
  • AB 326 will help provide access to safer cars with proven life-saving safety features.
  • AB 326 helps the state’s EV job force, keeping the industry growing during this less-than-optimistic economic period.

Ask your state senator to support AB 326. California drivers deserve flexible options to help them access electric vehicles.

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