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Stand Against Anti-Critical Race Theory Legislation

The House and Senate Education Committees continue to hold hearings on a series of controversial school policy issues including Critical Race Theory (CRT). Earlier this year, Senator Lana Theis, Republican Committee Chair from Brighton, introduced Senate Bill 460, and Committee Member Rep. Andrew Beeler introduced House Bill 5097. These bills prohibit the instruction of Critical Race Theory and curriculum such as the 1619 Project and impose a 5% school aid penalty for districts who are found in violation. Plainly stated, DPSCD would lose state funding for teaching about slavery, Jim Crow and the history of systemic racism in this country. Some Michigan legislators continue to follow a national trend of introducing legislation that rolls back civil liberties such as voting rights, LGBTQ rights, women’s reproductive rights, and more. 

The District has already been highlighted by Chalkbeat, for its leadership in taking a strong stance against any legislation that hinders teacher and student voices. 

We must ACT NOW to ensure that we not only protect our school funding, but we must also ensure that school districts are enabled to provide honest and accurate instruction. Our fight for equitable funding and equitable policies in our state government continues on. Raise your voice today! Be heard. Please consider signing our petition to show the state legislators you stand for freedom of speech for educators and students! 

Petition Text

While Senate Bill 460 and House Bill 5097 claim to promote equality and forbid hate, what they actually do is censor our schools and limit free discussion for our students. 

I oppose these bills because they remove local decision-making from our community’s schools, threaten to defund public education, and create surveillance of our teachers and students, which can hinder their progress in the classroom. The passage of these bills would mean that Detroit Public Schools Community District and other schools could lose 5% of their funding.  

This issue is important because well-funded schools are the backbone of any community, and because all students should learn about our state and country’s history. CRT is not currently taught in our schools, and these bills go against DPSCD’s commitment to establishing a transformative culture among all its students, staff, and community members regardless of their background. 

I am asking you to vote NO on Senate Bill 460 AND House Bill 5097 to protect our school funding and ensure that school districts are able to provide an honest and accurate curriculum to students, without fear of retribution or punishment. 

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