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VoterVoice Privacy Policy Highlights
Why do we collect this?
Your address determines your legislator(s). Your name, company, and email tell the recipient of your message who sent it.
Information Collected
We collect information provided by you, the user, for the purpose of matching you to your elected officials and making such information available to the organization leasing our system, Duke Energy solar alerts, and to any person with whom you choose to communicate.
Information Shared
We will share information that you provide only with Duke Energy solar alerts and the people with whom you choose to communicate. We will never share your information with any person other than Duke Energy solar alerts and people to whom you send a message. The Duke Energy solar alerts's name and contact information can be found on each page of this site.
For more information on cookies, security, and use of data, see the full privacy policy here. If you feel that VoterVoice, a FiscalNote Company is not following its stated privacy policies, please contact us.
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This information is collected by VoterVoice on behalf of Duke Energy. To view VoterVoice's Privacy Policy, click the "Privacy Policy" link in the registration form.

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