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Senate education leaders need to hear from you!
In case you missed it, Sacramento politicians are threatening to undermine the hard work of educators across California, just as a new school year begins.

Send a letter to key education leaders in the State Senate - let them know we can't afford to undercut efforts to support promising young teachers.

In a last-minute move before summer recess, Assemblymember Tony Thurmond gutted a bill, AB 1164, that was previously intended to provide childcare for foster youth. In its place, Thurmond proposed a new law to increase protections for the lowest performing teachers by giving them an easier path to lifetime employment. To make matters worse, the bill denies local control flexibility for principals to offer other more promising new teachers another year in the classroom. Thurmond's AB 1164 outrageously undermines efforts to attract and help new teachers and support them to grow and be effective in the classroom.
Failing to garner support in committee, AB 1164 was supposedly shelved for the year. But special interests defending the status quo never rest and have been making plans with politicians during summer recess to break the Senate Rules and revive the bill when legislators return to Sacramento. Send a letter to our education leaders in the Senate - urge them to oppose any effort to break Senate rules to revive AB 1164.  We can't afford to take California backwards on local control and limit help to promising new teachers.

No in-school factor matters more in a child's education than the teacher in the classroom. That's why it's so important that schools provide teachers time to get the support they need to become effective and help all students succeed, particularly in their first few years.

But AB 1164 establishes an adversarial relationship between new teachers and their supervisors from the beginning, making the need for support a scarlet letter and not an opportunity to develop. AB 1164 illogically restricts the option of local school leaders to only be able to re-hire the lowest performing teachers for a third try-out year.  Learn more here on the details of how Thurmond's AB 1164 protects the worst teachers.
We all know that the current system of giving principals only 18 months before deciding if a teacher will be offered permanent employment for life does not make sense.  Instead of simply extending that time and providing additional support to promising new teachers, AB 1164 creates a hostile environment focused on firing teachers and an unworkable system that undermines the ability of school leaders to give struggling teachers the time and support they need to become great for all our kids.
Take action today and send your Senator a letter urging them to vote no on any effort to break the rules and revive AB 1164 this year.

Thank you for taking the time to make a difference for California students, promising teachers and school leaders.


Bill Lucia, President
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