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Florida Must Stand for Justice: Act Now for Palestine
In the face of the ongoing violence and oppression in Gaza, actions and statements by Florida lawmakers are deeply concerning. Over ten thousand Palestinians have been senselessly killed, and thousands of more lives are on the line. 

Why must we take action in Florida?

Lawmakers in Florida have asserted through bigoted remarks that Palestinian lives being lost are of no consequence and do not - despite indiscriminate bombings of homes, schools, churches, mosques, hospitals, and refugee camps - deserve any rights to safety. They have falsely characterized support of Palestinian liberation as anti-Semitic. They have stood against the fundamental right to free speech by banning pro-Palestine student organizations across the state. With immense hostility, they have fought against Florida House resolutions advocating for peace.

By taking action, you will: 

  1. Reject Unjust Characterizations: Florida lawmakers have unfairly labeled support for Palestinian liberation as anti-Semitism. We must make it clear that advocating for justice is not hatred, and we reject this false narrative.
  2. Defend Free Speech: We must express concerns about the dismantling of pro-Palestine student organizations, the infringement on free speech rights, and defend the right to express opinions without fear of reprisal.
  3. Express Disapproval of Hostility Against House Resolution: Communicate disappointment with the hostile reception of Rep. Angie Nixon's resolution calling for a ceasefire. All human life is precious, and we must stand against hostility towards initiatives promoting peace and protecting innocent lives.
  4. Demanding a Ceasefire: The U.S. must use its influence to encourage de-escalation and a political resolution, not military aggression. Call on your representatives to demand an immediate ceasefire and address the root cause—the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Contact your representatives, urging them to take a stand for justice. Together, we can make a difference and get our elected officials in Florida to LISTEN TO US.

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