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H.B. 6943 - Medical Assistant/Vaccine Bill

Dear FCMA Member:
Join the Fairfield County Medical Association in demanding that the state legislature take action on H.B. 6943. Thanks to your efforts, the bill passed the Public Health Committee by a wide approval of 24 to 2 and the bill is ready to be called for a vote in the House of Representatives.  With only three weeks remaining to the regular session of the Connecticut General Assembly, we don’t want another year to pass without action on this proposal.  Even if you wrote before, please write again.  The first time was to get the bill out of the Public Health Committee and now is to have both chambers of the legislature vote on the bill.

  • This bill, as drafted, is exactly what we want; no age restriction on the age of patients for whom medical assistants may inoculate.
  • All medical organizations in Connecticut are working to obtain passage of the bill (Pediatric, Family Physicians, County Medical Associations, State Medical Society, etc.)
  • We need you – NOW – to take this moment to send a message to your state elected officials for where you live and work asking that H.B. 6943 be called for a vote!

Contact your legislators even if you don’t administer vaccine or employ medical assistants.  Using the FCMA Physician VOICE literally takes 15 seconds. 
Thanks so much for caring about the entire medical profession.

Leslie Miller, DO
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