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Legislative Arts Funding Updates
The current state of affairs: The Budget Bill (HB 76) was passed by both houses, but with some differences between them. A Conference Committee os 3 Senators and 3 Representatives was set up to work through the differences. The Senate Bill included an additional $300,000... [+] more
Federal Issues
Dear Arts Advocate: On Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on "The Student Success Act" (HR 5), a bill to reauthorize federal education programs, last completed 13 years ago through the No Child Left Behind Act. There is a great need to improve... [+] more
Urge Your New Representative to Support the Arts
Did you know you have new representation in Congress? The 2014 Election has sent 76 new members to serve in the 114th Congress. With Congress committed to taking action this spring on key policies affecting the arts and teaching the arts in schools, we need your help to... [+] more