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Legislative Arts Funding Updates
The current state of affairs: The Budget Bill (HB 76) was passed by both houses, but with some differences between them. A Conference Committee os 3 Senators and 3 Representatives was set up to work through the differences. The Senate Bill included an additional $300,000... [+] more
Federal Issues
It is a crucial time in Washington for arts education. Reauthorization of long-expired federal K-12 education law is now headed for votes in the Senate and renewed consideration in the House. Starting on July 7th, the Senate is expected to take up the Every Child Achieves... [+] more
This week, key decisions affecting arts funding are getting made. Last night, the House Rules Committee met to set parameters for floor debate on legislation that funds the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and other cultural agencies, including the Smithsonian and... [+] more
We are pleased to offer you a customizable "Letter to the Editor" to send to your local media. Simply enter your zip code in one of the designated boxes, select the media outlets to which you'd like to send your piece, then customize your letter using the talking points we... [+] more