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GGSA needs your help with SB 1
Dear GGSA member
Weeks ago we alerted you to federal actions that are likely to badly harm California's Central Valley salmon runs.  We asked you to take a simple action that will help protect our salmon, many of you did and we won a stunning success with passage of Senate Bill 1 (or SB 1) in the state legislature!

But Governor Newsom has suggested he’ll veto the bill so now we’re asking you to contact Governor Newsom and urge him to sign it.

SB 1, will protect our salmon runs from a hugely damaging increase in Delta water diversions being finalized now by Interior Secretary David Bernhardt. 

Bernhardt’s goal is simply to divert more northern California water to his former clients in the arid western San Joaquin Valley. We know from leaked internal documents that political operatives under Bernhardt suppressed scientific warnings about the harm to salmon greater water diversions from the San Francisco Bay Delta will cause. 

If Bernhardt succeeds, we'll be back to the super high Delta water diversion of the early 2000's that brought the salmon fishery to collapse. Salmon numbers sank to the lowest point in history, which closed ocean and river salmon fishing for two years.  On the other hand, SB 1 will retain existing federal Endangered Species Act wildlife protections until state agencies can review and revise them, as needed.

The Jerry Brown administration lost the Delta smelt on its watch. We can't afford anymore extinctions, especially if the next in line are salmon, green sturgeon and steelhead trout.

The experience of the last drought and new science that's emerged in the last decade, all point to the need for stronger, not weaker, fish and wildlife protections.

The governor is being bombarded right now by the big water districts telling them to kill this bill. The water districts think this is their once in a lifetime chance to increase their outsized piece of the California water pie and they’ll stop at nothing to take it. But it will take our salmon runs down, so make your voice heard, please.  It’s really easy.  Just click on the link below to send a message to Governor Newsom. 

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