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No Mask Mandates in Louisiana Schools & Universities

Are you ready to end the mask mandates in Louisiana schools and universities?  

Add your name to the growing list of fed-up parents and students and sign the petition below!

Parents, as affirmed in the Louisiana Children's Code, you have the paramount right to determine the appropriate medical and preventative healthcare for your children - NOT the STATE and NOT the CDC!!

Masks, just like COVID-19 vaccines, have been granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Federal law governing EUAs clearly states that an individual has a "right to refuse" this experimental medical intervention. 

Last school year, federal law was broken and your child's rights were violated when you were not made aware:

  • that masks are a medical intervention under EUA;
  • of the significant known risks of wearing a mask;
  • of the RIGHT TO REFUSE; and
  • of the appropriate monitoring and reporting of adverse events associated with masking.

Last school year, parental rights were violated when the State determined what is best for your children.

Last school year, medical ethics were violated when an untested medical intervention was forced on weaker members of society to "protect adults".

There is no industry standard for masks. Scientists are raising concerns about the future implications of inhaled nano-particles from long-term mask wearing by children.

There is no evidence that long-term mask wearing by children is safe in regards to mental or physical health, and that it does not impact learning or brain function. Where are the safety studies? 

Article I, Section 20 of our State's Constitution recognizes and affirms our right not to be tortured.

Article I, Sections 3 and 12 prohibit discrimination based on "physical condition." Healthy children should not be masked, discriminated against, or ostracized.

Parents, you MUST work together within your school and school district!! Be empowered with information!! Share the flyer below with fellow parents and fight this together! We have seen success across the country ENDING MASK MANDATES when parents WORK AND STAND UP TOGETHER!  

The flyer includes a notice you can give to your school to refuse the unsafe mask mandate recommended by the CDC and Louisiana Department of Health. 

To share the flyer, copy this link: bit.ly/maskflyertoparents 

To share the petition, copy this link: votervoice.net/HFL/Petitions/2891/Respond

The AG's office has also offered us sample exemption forms for COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates supplied by Liberty First Institute. We suggest using these as a guide to write your own. Louisiana law governing vaccine requirements for schools and daycares, RS 17:170 (E) does not require a statement of faith to refuse vaccination, but the samples do provide an example for opting out of the mask mandate. For college students (and employees), this is an excellent route to take!!


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Do you agree that mask mandates in Louisiana schools and universities MUST END? 


Then SIGN TODAY and join parents and students across Louisiana to END THE MASK MANDATES!!

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