Chicagoans Demand Fairness for Housing Providers and Landlords
There is an Ordinance in the City Council Housing Committee which will provide landlord fairness. Tell your Alderman a hearing is needed. Send one of three pre-written messages and tell your Alderman a hearing is needed.  We are attempting to reach both the Aldermen and their senior staffer.  Click send and both messages will be delivered.


Alderman Brian Hopkins sponsored O2021-1191, which amends the Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (RLTO) adopted in 1986.  The amendments bring basic fairness without stripping tenants of any rights. 

The Ordinance was poorly written and is outdated.  The Ordinance should have a "may" penalty provision rather than a "shall”.   The slightest violation requires an appearance in housing court where the landlord is almost always found guilty and pays two times security deposit, plus interest and lawyer’s fees!  Technically, distribution of electronic leases and the accompanying documents is not permitted.  Other common violations include clerical mistakes with refunding of the security deposit and failure to list the address of the bank holding the security.  

Take Action to tell Chicago Council the Hopkins Amendment needs a FAIR Hearing.

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