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Defend Short-Term Rentals

The Delaware Legislature is considering a bill that would implement an 8% "hotel" tax on consumers and owners of Short-Term Rentals (STRs) and would allow county governments to implement their own tax on top of the 8%.

This bill is shepherded by the hotel industry, which is proposing that STRs have an unfair advantage over hotels.

Please use the form on this page to send a pre-written, editable message to your Legislators, urging them to OPPOSE HB 168 and the massive tax on consumers and owners of STRs.

We know that STRs and hotels are not the same. STRs serve a different clientele than hotels. They are in different locations, attract different people, and offer different amenities. STRs and hotels are not the same thing and should not be taxed as such.

Unlike hotels, STRs are not owned by multi-million-dollar corporations. Most are small "Mom-and-Pop" operations, with the STR being a second home or their source of income/retirement fund. Imposing a tax and the burden of compliance on owners could cause them to remove their properties from the rental pool, reducing inventory and increasing prices.

STRs are used by travel nurses, mechanics, and other transient workers. Many of the people who visit our great state and utilize STRs also shop, eat, and play in the businesses that serve those communities. Making them more expensive hurts our labor force, as well as reduces the number of people that can afford to vacation in our local economies. 

Don't let Delaware add a "hotel" tax to your short-term rental. Tell your legislator to oppose HB 168.

Please watch our video for more information:

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