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Ask your legislators to finish work on the Protect Life Amendment

The Iowa Senate has amended the House version of the Protect Life Amendment (HJR 5) and sent it back to the House. Now’s the time to contact your Representative and Senator and ask them to finish the job!

In June 2018, the Iowa Supreme Court identified a fundamental right to abortion in the Iowa Constitution. We believe almost no existing or future regulation of abortion can survive a court challenge in Iowa. The Protect Life Amendment would clarify that Iowa’s Constitution does not contain a right to abortion.

At risk are restrictions on late-term abortions, parental notification before an abortion by a child, and taxpayer funding of abortions. A constitutional amendment is needed to correct this problem. To be enacted, the amendment must pass both chambers of the Legislature in the same form in two different sessions. Then the amendment goes to a vote of the people of Iowa for approval. 

Even if the amendment proposal is approved by the people of Iowa, abortion will still be legal. 

We recognize that each person is created in the image and likeness of God. Direct attacks on innocent persons are never acceptable. This is why abortion is such an important issue. We can help pregnant women in need, the men who fathered those children, and families in distress without recourse to the violence of abortion.

The people of Iowa, not the state Supreme Court, should decide how Iowa regulates abortion. Please contact your state legislators today in support of the “Protect Life” amendment. It is important to edit the message to put it in your own words as much as possible. Thank you.

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