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Stop Online Casino-Style Gambling Bills
HB 2239, HB 2320, and SB 1656 will allow gambling operators with Illinois licenses to offer online casino-style gambling. 

This would massively increase the addiction risk currently posed by online gambling avenues like sports betting, creating new and even more deadly opportunities for secretive 24/7 gambling activity that prey on those prone to addiction. 

Gambling is recognized as an addiction on the same level as heroin, cocaine, and opioids in the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM V, used by health care providers and insurers as the principal source for mental health diagnoses.

U.S. families are on course to lose more than $1 trillion of personal wealth to commercialized gambling over the next 8 years, an average of at least $120 -$130 billion of lost wealth every year.

Contact your state rep and state senator to oppose those and other attempts to create more online casino-style gambling opportunities.

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