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WGLT's Fake News

WGLT, a public radio station based at Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal recently disseminated a short report about IFI's robo-calls warning Illinoisans about the effort to resurrect the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) decades after its expiration date began. The article, written by "progressive" Baylee Steelman, is titled "Hate Group Lobbies Against ERA With B-N Robocalls" and went on to assert -- without evidence -- that IFI's claims were false.

Even as it was reported as fact that IFI is a hate group -- a feckless claim by the left-wing SPLC -- WGLT failed to contact IFI for a statement or a response to their story.

ACTION:  Please send an email or fax to the WGLT "news" department urging them to report matters of public policy fairly and objectively. Please also ask them to cease using the SPLC's fake and slanderous attack on IFI and other traditional Christian organizations who take a public stand for traditional Christian sexual morality.
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