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Urge the President to Uphold Transgenders Military Ban

According to an article at The Center for Military Readiness:

In recent weeks, two federal district judges exceeded their authority by ordering the Trump Administration to continue enforcing President Barack Obama's policies regarding transgenders in the military. They did this even though President Donald J. Trump has initiated formal procedures to review and revoke those policies.

The administration can and should defend presidential prerogatives and sound policies to strengthen our military, but the problem requires immediate attention at the administration's highest levels.  It would be dangerous to sacrifice the President's constitutional military powers, and to disregard Supreme Court precedents while allowing judges to make military policy.

The focus of military training should be combat effectiveness, not social engineering.  Our military leaders and Defense Department administrators must focus on its mission of defending the nation, fighting and winning wars, not promoting a radical unprove social experiment.

Please send a message to President Donald Trump to encourage him to continue with his policy to focus on military readiness along with the social well-being of our military by reversing President Obama's harmful transgender policy.
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