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Property Taxes Are Out of Control

Property taxes are quickly becoming unaffordable. Since 2000, total property tax revenue has increased over 100%. Has your income done the same?

Across Iowa, people feel the property tax burden:
“What I’ve worked 50 years to build up, they’re taking away from me.” 

"There is nothing homeowners can do to reduce their own property taxes. Like clockwork, property taxes must be paid every year at the rates set by local governments regardless of a homeowner’s financial situation."

“My property taxes are growing faster than my paycheck.”

It isn't just property owners that pay property taxes. Renters pay through increasing rent payments. This is why in a recent ITR poll the results were clear and bipartisan. Over two-thirds of Iowans believe property tax reform should be reviewed by legislators this year, including 70.7 percent of Republicans, 64.5 percent of Democrats, and 68.2 percent of independents.

It’s the revenue, not the rate, that matters. Establish a revenue limit on property tax growth. This would not interfere with the assessment process, but it could control the increase of property tax bills while ensuring that local governments continue to have enough revenue to fund their priorities.

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  1. Property tax revenue has grown at a much faster rate than inflation, population, and General Fund spending.
  2. Current taxpayer protections are ineffective at limiting property tax bills from increasing.
  3. Effective taxpayer protection would control the growth of property taxes and ensure sufficient revenue to fund the priorities of local governments.
  4. All local revenue and fees should be reviewed for limitation. When only property tax revenue has been limited in other states, local governments have increased sales taxes, hotel/motel taxes, other local taxes, or increased fees to make up for revenue they consider lost. 
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