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How Did Your Legislators Vote?

Transparency, citizen input, and local government accountability will all be increased when Governor Kim Reynolds signs the property tax reform bill approved by the legislature this year.

Use the this form to THANK LEGISLATORS for slowing the growth of city and county property taxes. 

How did your elected officials vote? If you don't know your legislators, enter your address and their names will appear above the subject line.


Vote Senator
Yes Jerry Behn
Yes Tony Bisignano
No Joe Bolkcom
No Nate Boulton
Yes Michael Breitbach
Yes Waylon Brown
Yes Jim Carlin
No Claire Celsi
Yes Jake Chapman
Yes Mark Costello
Yes Chris Cournoyer
Yes Dan Dawson
No William Dotzler Jr.
Yes Jeff Edler
Yes Randy Feenstra
Yes Julian Garrett
No Eric Giddens
Yes Thomas Greene
Yes Dennis Guth
No Robert Hogg
No Pam Jochum
Yes Craig Johnson
Yes Tim L. Kapucian
No Kevin Kinney
Yes Carrie Koelker
Yes Tim Kraayenbrink
Yes Mark S. Lofgren
No Jim Lykam
No Liz Mathis
Yes Mariannette Miller-Meeks
Yes Zach Nunn
No Janet Petersen
No Herman Quirmbach
No Amanda Ragan
Yes Ken Rozenboom
Yes Charles Schneider
Yes Jason Schultz
Yes Mark Segebart
Yes Tom Shipley
Yes Amy Sinclair
No Jackie Smith
Yes Roby Smith
Yes Annette Sweeney
No Rich Taylor
No Todd E. Taylor
No Zach Wahls
Yes Zach Whiting
Yes Jack Whitver
Yes Brad Zaun
Yes Dan Zumbach

Vote Representative
No Ako Abdul-Samad
No Marti Anderson
Yes Robert P. Bacon
Yes Terry C. Baxter
No Bruce Bearinger
No Liz Bennett
Yes Michael R. Bergan
Yes Brian Best
Yes Jane Bloomingdale
Yes Jacob Bossman
No Wes Breckenridge
Yes Holly Brink
No Timi Brown-Powers
Yes Gary L. Carlson
No Dennis M. Cohoon
No Karin Derry
Yes Dave Deyoe
Yes Cecil Dolecheck
No Molly Erin Donahue
No Tracy Ehlert
Yes Dean Fisher
No John Forbes
Yes Joel Fry
No Ruth Ann Gaines
No Mary A. Gaskill
Yes Tedd Gassman
Yes Thomas D. Gerhold
Yes Pat Grassley
Yes Stan Gustafson
Yes Chris Hagenow
No Chris Hall
Yes Mary Ann Hanusa
No Lisa Heddens
Yes Lee Hein
Yes Ashley Hinson
Yes Dustin D. Hite
Yes Steven Holt
No Bruce Hunter
Yes Daniel Adair Huseman
No Charles Isenhart
Yes Jon Jacobsen
No Dave Jacoby
No Lindsay James
Yes Tom Jeneary
Yes Megan Jones
No Kenan Judge
No Timothy Kacena
Yes Bobby Kaufmann
Yes David Kerr
Yes Jarad Klein
No Jennifer Konfrst
No Bob Kressig
No Monica Kurth
No Jeff Kurtz
Yes John Landon
No Vicki Lensing
Yes Brian K. Lohse
Yes Shannon Lundgren
No Mary Mascher
No Heather Matson
Yes David E. Maxwell
No Charlie McConkey
No Andy McKean
Yes Ann Meyer
No Brian Meyer
Yes Joe Mitchell
Yes Gary M. Mohr
Yes Norlin G. Mommsen
Yes Tom Moore
No Amy Nielsen
No Jo Oldson
No Rick L. Olson
Yes Anne Osmundson
No Scott D. Ourth
Yes Ross C. Paustian
No Todd Prichard
No Kirsten Running-Marquardt
Yes Sandy Salmon
Yes Mike Sexton
Yes Jeff Shipley
Yes David Sieck
No Mark Smith
No RasTafari I. Smith
Yes Ray Sorensen
No Art Staed
No Sharon S. Steckman
No Kristin Sunde
No Phyllis Thede
Yes Phil Thompson
Yes Jon Thorup
Yes Linda L. Upmeyer
No Beth Wessel-Kroeschell
Yes Skyler Wheeler
No Dave Williams
Yes John H. Wills
No Cindy Winckler
Yes Matt W. Windschitl
No Mary Lynn Wolfe
Yes Gary Worthan
Yes Louis J. Zumbach
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