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Contact Your Legislators TODAY to Co-Sponsor HB 48

It has never been more apparent than now during the Coronavirus pandemic the important role of pharmacists as members of the healthcare team. Pharmacists have been on the frontlines of the crisis and are continuing efforts to vaccinate citizens across the Commonwealth. 

As frontline health care providers Kentucky pharmacists improve public health by expanding patient access to care. Pharmacists ensure Kentuckians receive and adhere to medications to improve health outcomes and lower health care costs. Kentucky pharmacists are bridging the gap in access to care under these provider-approved protocols.

Unfortunately, Kentucky pharmacists are not compensated for many services they already provide. HB48 increases access to care by ensuring pharmacists are reimbursed for services rendered. HB48 establishes a claims submission process that ensures pharmacists are reimbursed for the same services for which other care providers are reimbursed. Health insurers could reimburse a pharmacist just as they reimburse other non-physician providers. Under HB48, insurers and health plans will not be able to deny reimbursement to a pharmacist for providing a service or procedure within the pharmacist’s scope of practice if that same service or procedure is covered by the plan when provided by a physician, advanced practice nurse or physician assistant.

HB 48 does not expand the scope of practice of pharmacists’ or mandate equal pay for pharmacists and physicians. Pharmacists are not paid for providing the same services that other health care providers get paid to deliver. There is currently no mechanism for pharmacists to submit claims for these extended services. This discrepancy exacerbates the financial strain on pharmacists delivering critical care to Kentuckians, putting the pharmacist/patient relationship at risk.

Pharmacists are already providing these services based on their current scope of practice — they're just not getting paid by insurers, as is the case for other providers. Compensating pharmacists for providing these needed patient care services results in better health outcomes and lower health care  costs — a win for all Kentuckians.

View the bill here

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