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The Time is Now-Support the Driftnet Modernization & Bycatch Reduction Act
After decades of trying to clean up the California swordfish fishery, it still remains one of the most indiscriminate fisheries in the country.  The Driftnet Modernization and Bycatch Reduction Act S. 906 and H.R. 1979 have been introduced in Congress to bring the California swordfish fishery in line with existing U.S. and international fishing policies.  If passed, it would bring the California swordfish fishery into the 21st century by phasing out the use of reckless mile-long, large-mesh drift gillnets by next year.
California is the last remaining state that allows the use of this indiscriminate fishing gear, however, the California swordfish fishery is jointly managed at both the State and federal level, so it is critical that Congress act to close the loophole on this fishery.  S. 906 and H.R. 1979 most immediate benefit is to bring federal law and California law into alignment.
Supported by many recreational fishing and conservation organizations, S. 906 and H.R. 1979 would modernize the fishery by transitioning commercial fishermen away from wasteful drift gillnets to the use of more sustainable gear types.  The time to end this destructive fishing practice is long overdue.
Click through the link below and send a letter supporting S. 906 and/or H.R. 1979 to your US Senators and US Congressman today!
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