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Contact your Senators TODAY to support the next COVID legislation

Dear Advocate,

The House of Representatives passed the COVID-related HEROES Act legislation on May 15th. The Senate, however, is yet to take it up. Meanwhile the pandemic continues spreading across the country affecting all our lives, especially those of refugees and immigrants.

While we are grateful for measures Congress has taken to address the crisis, refugees face unique challenges that were not taken into consideration in previous legislation.

We urge Senators, especially, to take up the next COVID-19 package and include meaningful solutions that support all our neighbors, including refugee community members.

How you can help right now . . .

Click the link below to email your Senators TODAY and tell them to include the following provisions in the next COVID relief legislation:

  1. Eliminate restrictions for COVID testing and treatment. Public health officials have made clear that pandemics do not recognize status or borders. We call upon Congress to ensure equal access to care, testing, and treatment. Only then will we effectively stop transmission and eradicate this virus. When all community members including immigrants have the care they need, we all benefit.
  2. Ensure all taxpayers get the stimulus checks, paid leave and unemployment insurance that is due to them. Our economy runs on the backs of our most vulnerable communities – the daily wage earner in the hospitality industry, janitors and cleaners, and part time workers. We must support all those on whom the American economy runs.
  3. Ensure USCIS processes all immigration documents in a timely manner with no burden placed on vulnerable communities such as asylum seekers and refugees.

Crises test who we are as a nation. LIRS believes we are stronger when we are united and extend compassion to our neighbors. We’re all God’s children and in this together!

Thank you for taking action!

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