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2020 Legislative Wrap Up
August 3, 2020 by Chris LeBouef

Dear Fellow LSMS Members,
During these volatile times we are all working and living through as physicians, it should be crystal clear, to each of us, that we need professional advocacy now more than ever.

Who would have thought just a few months ago that our offices, clinics, surgery centers, and even hospitals would have been all but shut down and patient care replaced by stay-at-home orders?  Did you ever think you would treat a patient strictly via a phone call, much less be compensated for it?  Advocating for our chosen profession is one of the most important things a physician can do during their career. In fact, we should engage in advocacy during medical school prior to ever seeing a patient, and well after we retire as we still have so much to offer as citizens of this great state. That’s why being an active member of the Louisiana State Medical Society (LSMS) is so important. In addition to all the other benefits provided to us through our membership in the LSMS, our dues go directly to protecting our profession

That $400 investment recently insured you were reimbursed for telemedicine visits at in-person rates. That $400 investment resulted in the mandate prohibiting elective procedures being lifted two and a half weeks prior to the state entering Phase 1 of COVID-19 recovery. That $400 protects our profession from being marginalized by nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and others.  That $400 ensures we can continue to do what we choose to do, which is practice medicine and take care of our patients. I strongly urge and invite each of you to take a few minutes and review the below 2020 Legislative Update, which highlights the legislative activities undertaken thus far on our behalf
Additionally, I want to point out that every single licensed physician in the state receives the benefit of our legislative efforts regardless of whether they are a LSMS member. As strong as we are, we could always be stronger, and I encourage you to share this message and update with your non-member colleagues so they can see what they receive at no cost. At the beginning and end of the document there is a QR code that can be scanned with any smartphone and they will be on their way to becoming a valued member. 
Our vision is to promote excellence in the practice of medicine. Our mission is to be the trusted advocate for physicians in the state of Louisiana.  I believe you will agree, we are accomplishing both goals.  

Katherine Williams, MD
LSMS President

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