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Urge Congress to demand arrests and criminal charges for transgender rioters
Tell Congress to demand action against the Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN) and other violent left-wing groups like Antifa who continue to attack people for acknowledging biological realities.

Transgender rioters look set to continue their campaign of violence on Saturday, April 1 in Washington D.C., despite the horrific, murderous shooting rampage by a gender-confused woman that killed young students and school personnel at a Christian school in Nashville on Monday.

Tell Congress to demand arrests and criminal charges for any trans rioters who engage in violence

TRAN, who train their gender-confused members to use guns, have given no indication that they intend to cancel their “Trans Day of Vengeance” protest in front of the U.S. Supreme Court this weekend, and so authorities must be prepared to act if these radical activists riot on the streets of the capitol.

We have seen the damage their partners in Antifa are capable of, and so members of Congress must speak out now to ensure justice is done should Saturday turn violent as expected.

Here's an example of a left-wing radical calling for transgender activists to arm themselves: 

Pandering to people who use violence as a political strategy is useless - the firm hand of the law must be applied.

The timing of the “Trans Day of Vengeance” immediately following a mass murder of Christian children by a trans activist has rightly faced criticism for its ill-conceived timing. In a sense, the shooting in Nashville was a “Trans Day of Vengeance,” inflicted upon vulnerable innocents. 

More innocent lives will be in danger if this growing, dangerous movement is not stopped now. Its intolerance for those who question gender theory is a serious abuse of free speech rights.

Please contact your members of Congress today - tell them to speak out now!

More Information: 

AZ governor's press secretary resigns after threatening violence against transphobes 

'Trans Day of Vengeance' protest still scheduled to go ahead in Washington D.C. 

Trans extremist groups calls death of Nashville shooter 'more complex tragedy' than her 6 murders 

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