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Stop Biden administration from continuing to fund wars in Ukraine and Israel
American taxpayers should not see more of their money wasted on wars in Ukraine and Israel - call on Congress to say "ENOUGH" to the waste, death and destruction the Biden administration is causing. Send a message to your representatives TODAY. 

The war-hungry Biden administration is requesting more than $105 billion of taxpayers’ money from Congress as part of a military aid package to Ukraine and Israel.

According to reports, the request to Congress would include $61 billion for Ukrainian defense, and  $14 billion for security assistance for Israel.

SIGN: Stop the Biden administration from sending billions of dollars in deadly military aid, escalating the conflicts in Israel and Ukraine and threatening a potential WWIII.

In a recent interview with UK Sky News, US Treasure secretary Janet Yellen claimed America can 'certainly' afford to support Israel and Ukraine on two war fronts.

Asked whether the U.S. can provide military aid to Israel and to Ukraine despite the current US debt-to-GDP ratio of 122%, out of touch Yellen said, "I think the answer is absolutely."

SIGN: We call on the Biden administration to seek peace instead of funding war

The request to further militarize Israel comes at a time when the situation in Gaza is worsening every day.

An estimated one million people have been displaced in the first seven days of the conflict in Gaza according to a United Nations agency supporting Palestinian refugees. Worryingly the population in Palestine is one of the youngest in the world with nearly half (47.3% of the population) under 18.

SIGN: We pray for innocent children on all sides caught up in war and call for an end to armed conflict

In Ukraine, despite a well-documented record of corruption, the Biden administration continues to give taxpayers' money to the Zelensky government, funding a war with Russia that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives. 

Ukraine ranks 116th out of 180 countries in campaign group Transparency International's latest Corruption Perceptions Index, with the last placed country seen as most corrupt. 

A Transparency-commissioned opinion poll in June also found that at least 77% of Ukrainians believe corruption is still among Ukraine's main problems.

The U.S. is not alone when it comes to splashing out huge military aid to recent armed conflicts.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised Ukraine an extra $650 million of taxpayer money, while the EU improved and endorsed a proposal for a €50 billion facility to support Ukraine.

SIGN: Stop supplying military aid and instead promote peaceful resolutions

Hundreds of thousands have died and more will die as a result of military funding from the Biden administration. 

The president is perpetuating volatile, deadly conflicts in Ukraine and Israel/Gaza, and Congress needs to stop it NOW.

SIGN & SHARE: We demand Congress to reject Biden’s request for more military aid

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