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Tell Congress to shut down Pornhub as the exploitation continues

The pornography site Pornhub plays a significant role in the enormous sex trafficking industry, allowing rapists, abusers and traffickers to upload and monetize their sick content. We must put an end to this grave evil. 

Send a message to your legislators today. 

Pornhub has recently blocked use in several states that began requiring age verification to access the site, stating publicly that it violates their rights and privately that it kills their traffic. 

This reaction is yet another obvious sign of the horrible impact the site is having on our society. 

Put an end to the horrendous evils of Pornhub – send an urgent message to your legislators now. 

Blowing the lid on the company's facilitation of exploitation, a senior staffer at Pornhub's parent company, MindGeek, secretly admitted in an undercover recording last September that rapists and traffickers are using a major “loophole” in the site’s verification process to circumvent government regulation and turn a profit.

Pornhub and similar sites take advantage of women, children, and other vulnerable persons and use them to generate profits. A huge portion of the material on these sites is created through illegal and/or abusive means, especially human trafficking

As Life Impact International reports, “Many of the actors involved in making pornographic images are victims of human trafficking. They are being forced through violence, fraud, or blackmail into the porn industry and cannot escape. One in five pornographic images online are of a child and half are of teenagers under the age of 18. This, by definition, is human trafficking.” 

The effects on our society are devastating, both for those individuals used to create the material and for those who witness it.  

The prevalence of pornography in our culture has greatly contributed to an increase in sex crimes, including among minors; the increase in the divorce rate; and, of course, the enormous human trafficking industry; as well as countless issues for those individuals addicted to it. 

Pornography is highly addictive. For individuals, this addiction is linked to marital infidelity, sexual dysfunction, abusive habits, gender confusion, short term memory loss, and more. 

Our government has the capability and responsibility to shutdown Pornhub and end its exploitation of the vulnerable.

We must insist that our legislators ACT NOW. 

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