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Demand Congress investigate soaring excess deaths
Excess deaths in the U.S. remain at alarmingly high levels as mainstream media continue to turn a blind eye. Send a message to your legislators today, urging them to truthfully investigate the cause of the scandalous numbers of excess deaths that have occurred since the introduction of the mRNA “vaccines.” 

The U.S. alone experienced 158,000 more unexpected deaths in the first nine months of 2023 compared to all of 2019 - that's more than all U.S. combat deaths since World War II. 

Across the English-speaking world, critics have noted how alarmingly high levels of excess deaths correlated with the widespread introduction of so-called mRNA “vaccines”. 

And yet the government has failed to establish any legitimate cause for these deaths, with the common response being that the deaths came about via “cause unknown.” 

Do not stand by as the government shirks its responsibility to investigate the causes of such a drastic increase in excess deaths – send an urgent message to your representatives in Congress today. 

The increase in deaths has been especially notable among young adults, traditionally the healthiest age group, and that number continued to climb throughout 2023. 

As Dr. Pierre Kory told Fox News in December, “We’ve never seen dying at this rate.” 

In a post on X he said the first 9 months of 2023 saw 158,000 more Americans die unexpectedly than in all of 2019, which amounts to “more than all U.S. combat deaths since WWII combined.”

But where are these deaths coming from? And why has our government been silent on such a clearly pressing issue? Why has there been no proper investigation of the causes behind so many deaths? 

This is an obvious case of our legislators neglecting their duties once again. We cannot allow this to continue. 

We must demand that they conduct a thorough investigation of the causes of these hundreds of thousands of excess deaths – SEND A MESSAGE TO YOUR LEGISLATORS TODAY. 

SIGN & SHARE: Congress must demand the truth about the vast numbers of excess deaths in 2023. 

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