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Tell MA legislators to reject bill allowing the sale of unborn children
The Massachusetts House of Representatives has voted unanimously to pass the “Parentage Equality Bill,” which would, ostensibly, allow women to sell their unborn children to the highest bidder. Please tell our State Senators to stop this bill from becoming law. (Massachusetts State House, by King of Hearts, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Although none of our legislators will admit this reality out loud, the measure commodifies women and allows children to be treated as nothing more than chattel, as items to be sold, in addition to redefining the entire idea of what it means to be a parent.

Demand that the MA Senate say “NO” to selling children – send an urgent message today.

The Act openly attacks the family by replacing the terms “mother” and “father” with absurd phrases such as “person who gives birth,” “other parent,” and “genetic source.”

It redefines parenthood “on the basis of a ‘person’s intent to be a parent of a child,’” noted Patience Griswold of Them Before Us (TBU), an organization devoted to protecting children’s rights. “In doing so, it strips all mention of mothers and fathers from parentage law, replacing these vital familial roles with gender-erased language.”

Demand that the MA Senate stand up for the family – send an urgent message today.

Sponsors say that the bill will protect relationships between parents and children, but in reality it protects the rights of parents who obtain children through surrogacy, many of whom will be homosexual men. The undeniable truth that children ought to be raised in a loving home by their biological parents is rejected. 

As Griswold explains in the aforementioned article, the bill would allow a mother to accept money for her child before the child is born via a surrogacy contract, through which she could “‘match’ with the couple willing to pay the highest ‘payment of consideration,’ essentially auctioning off her child.”

The bill has passed in the House, but the Senate has yet to vote. We must act now and stand up for women, children, and the dignity of the family.

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