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Contact Your State Legislators - Defend Free Speech from Big Tech

Facebook has just permanently banned LifeSiteNews’ Facebook page. This apparently is not a temporary measure: It is gone for good.

This follows YouTube's removal of LifeSite's account and its more than 2,000 videos in early February, and is the latest, appalling affront to free speech that many conservative, Christian, and libertarian organizations have been faced with as of late.

But, conservatives, Christians, and libertarians cannot take this lying down!

We MUST respond.

That’s why we’re calling on you to contact your state legislators, requesting that they introduce legislation to protect the First Amendment rights of citizens in YOUR state from Big Tech’s unprecedented attack on free speech.

You can contact your State Legislators in one easy step using one simple contact form that LifeSiteNews.com is making available here, on the Voter Voice platform.

With one click, your message is sent directly to your representative(s), without having to look up any of their contact details.

After contacting your state's representative(s), please learn more about good alternatives to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google by visiting the ‘Goodbye Google’ LifeSite resource page [found in the ‘For More Information’ section, below].

The normalization of this ‘cancel culture’ by Big Tech MUST STOP. And since the new federal government is all-but-complicit in this agenda, it’s now up to the states to take action.


Look no further than Florida to see how Big Tech’s repeated violations of our First Amendment rights can be addressed at the state level:

Just last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced a new set of regulations to be adopted by his state’s government against Big Tech companies that seek to silence Floridians on their platform(s).

These include:

  • Requiring opt-outs from platforms’ content filters.
  • Daily fines to be levied against companies that suspend or remove candidates for Florida political office from their platform and/or utilize algorithms to suppress content from certain candidates and causes.
  • Various increased transparency measures, including mandatory disclosures addressing companies’ preferences for certain candidates or parties over others.

Imagine the positive effect that adopting similar legislation in states across our country would have in the fight to protect all Americans’ First Amendment rights!

Big Tech censorship is dangerously un-American.

And if we don’t fight back, it may soon become our permanent reality.

That's why it's so important for us to act NOW.

Please take a few minutes to contact your State Legislators and request that they introduce legislation to protect the First Amendment rights of citizens in YOUR state from Big Tech censorship.

Introducing and eventually passing such legislation will prove an important step forward in ensuring these crucial constitutional freedoms are no longer tampered with, be it at the federal level or any other.

The right of the American people to express their views and be heard MUST be reaffirmed legislatively as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping to deliver this message to them.


CLICK HERE to learn more about good social media alternatives at LifeSite’s ‘Goodbye Google’ resource page.



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